5 Contemporary Yet Retro Interior Design Trends In 2015

This year is halfway through, and some heavy Orange County interior design trends are already surfacing that you can introduce into your home décor for the 2015. If there is an impatient interior design enthusiast inside you, then you can turn to making small touches to get your home in line with latest interior design [...]

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More Than Just Aesthetics

What is Interior Design? Numerous persons utilize the terms “interior design” and “interior decorating” in an interchangeable manner, but there’s a big difference between these two professions. Interior design represents the art and science of meeting people’s needs in order to create functional and attractive spaces within a built environment. Interior decorating, on the other [...]

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Dissecting Through Interior Design

Interior design is an artistic field, which combines technical knowledge, creativity and business skills. It involves working with clients and different design professionals with the aim of developing design solutions, which are attractive, safe, and functional, and that meet needs of the different people using a particular space. Interior design is actually more than just [...]

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