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Decorating Your Guest room

Guest room is an important aspect of interior design as it is a place where you're a host to your guests. The decorations and the interiors of a guest room must be chosen carefully. Many times, designing a guest room can prove to be a difficult task; as the taste of your guest may differ from yours. In this case, you may need to hire an interior decorator to serve the purpose. A guest room must have designs that suits all the eyes. Refrain from putting designs that are very trendy, as it may not suite all the guests. Stick to simple, elegant, and significant designs. It should serve the very purpose of a guest room, so let's look at some ways by which you can give your guest room a different and attractive aura. Neutral Colors Choose an ethnic color that's latest in the fashion. Pick fresh and lasting colors and use them remarkably, use the lights that match the color and create a beautiful effect on the walls. There are some shades that are mostly liked by all, like cream, lilac, blue, and white; these shades will soothe everyone's eyes. The Essential Materials Some important things needed in [...]

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5 Contemporary Yet Retro Interior Design Trends In 2015

This year is halfway through, and some heavy Orange County interior design trends are already surfacing that you can introduce into your home décor for the 2015. If there is an impatient interior design enthusiast inside you, then you can turn to making small touches to get your home in line with latest interior design trends for next year. You should be aiming for an interior that is visually delightful, while allowing for physical ease and reflection. This year, the following design trends have emerged and you may incorporate them into your interior. 1. Big & Comfortable Sectionals No doubt, sectional trend was more popular and widespread back in the late 80s, but it has made a major comeback, and it makes sense. Homeowners no longer want to have formal sofas in their living rooms, rather they prefer a more relaxed place where they can lounge and sprawl out whenever they please. Thus, a section that has been dressed in elegant yet neutral-colored upholstery can look inviting enough to make anyone want to grab a plush throw and lie down. 2. Modern Seats With Old Tables Many modern day interiors have been furnished with contemporary chairs and rustic tables paired [...]

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More Than Just Aesthetics

What is Interior Design? Numerous persons utilize the terms “interior design” and “interior decorating” in an interchangeable manner, but there’s a big difference between these two professions. Interior design represents the art and science of meeting people’s needs in order to create functional and attractive spaces within a built environment. Interior decorating, on the other hand, constitutes the furnishing or adorning of an interior space with stylish or beautiful things. In other words, interior designers can decorate as well, but interior decorators cannot design. Interior design concerns itself with more than just the aesthetic or ambient improvement of an interior environment. It’s about optimizing and harmonizing the functions to which the specific environment will be put. Interior designers have to know to contrive an interior space and also how to display that plan visually so that the design concept can be conveyed to the client. They must also possess knowledge about the materials and products that will be utilized in order to create and furnish the interior space, and how the color, lighting, form, texture and other elements mix together and interact with each other to make that interior environment come together. Furthermore, interior designers must comprehend the structural demands [...]

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Dissecting Through Interior Design

Interior design is an artistic field, which combines technical knowledge, creativity and business skills. It involves working with clients and different design professionals with the aim of developing design solutions, which are attractive, safe, and functional, and that meet needs of the different people using a particular space. Interior design is actually more than just aesthetics. It has to do with finding different creative design solutions for the interior environment while sustaining the safety, health and wellbeing of the occupants and with enhancing their overall quality of life. It follows a coordinated and systematic methodology including analysis, research and integration of knowledge onto the entire creative process. It is a multi-faceted profession whereby the resources and needs of clients are satisfied to develop an interior space, which fulfills a particular project’s goals. Interior design requires creativity, imagination and artistry as well as discipline, organization and skill in business. Combining aesthetic vision with knowledge, interior design involves working with clients and different design professionals in developing design solutions which are functional, support the safety and health of users and are aesthetically attractive. Designs have to satisfy the resources and needs of clients, adhere to regulatory requirements and codes and adhere to [...]

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