5 Contemporary Yet Retro Interior Design Trends In 2015

This year is halfway through, and some heavy Orange County interior design trends are already surfacing that you can introduce into your home décor for the 2015. If there is an impatient interior design enthusiast inside you, then you can turn to making small touches to get your home in line with latest interior design trends for next year. You should be aiming for an interior that is visually delightful, while allowing for physical ease and reflection.

This year, the following design trends have emerged and you may incorporate them into your interior.

1. Big & Comfortable Sectionals

No doubt, sectional trend was more popular and widespread back in the late 80s, but it has made a major comeback, and it makes sense. Homeowners no longer want to have formal sofas in their living rooms, rather they prefer a more relaxed place where they can lounge and sprawl out whenever they please. Thus, a section that has been dressed in elegant yet neutral-colored upholstery can look inviting enough to make anyone want to grab a plush throw and lie down.

2. Modern Seats With Old Tables

Many modern day interiors have been furnished with contemporary chairs and rustic tables paired together. Perhaps people want to add a touch of both, but there is apparently some other reason behind the emergence of this intriguing and popular interior design trend. Contemporary and old do not exactly go together in the case of tables and chairs, but when they are paired together, the finest qualities of both are emphasized.

3. Black Window Sashes

It somewhat of an obvious fact that one of the best ways to attract attention to something is to draw a dark line around it, just like a woman does in the case of her eyes, by wearing eyeliner and mascara. Windows with a black trim are becoming very common, and it is even better when the windows have beautiful molding and multiple panes since the dark color draws attention to them. If there are left trees outside the windows, they will also be noticed.

4. Vintage Bathtubs

The modern world has become too digital and high-tech, so retreating to something old-school and retro is often nice. The same goes for vintage-style bathtubs, which do not have infinity edges or jets, but are perfect to just lay back and soak up in some bubbly water. In fact, someone homeowners have even gone a step further and have installed vintage-style bathtubs right in their bedroom, so they can just roll out of bed, slip into a deep tub and return back to their bed once they have dried up.

5. Four-Poster Beds

Four-poster beds are certainly not new, but they are undoubtedly a classic furniture design, and are back once again. Pillared furniture pieces apparently tend to look romantic, which is something people have grown fond of and thus, four-poster beds are now having their moment once again. Moreover, when lying down on their cubelike form, people feel like they are surrounded by four walls, so four-poster beds promote a feeling of privacy and safe haven.


Thus, modern day interior design trends are not exactly modern, rather they feature a combination of returning age-old concepts with contemporary design ideas to give the interior a bold and interesting personality.

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